Original Artwork

Text Box: As outlined in the different galleries of the website, my original artworks are my teaching tools; they are children with minds and spirits of their own. Selling them is difficult. I must know they are to be adopted by kind people who will be respectful of their spirit. Inquiries are welcomed, and discussions with interested parties are desired.


Many of the images in the Drawing Gallery can be available in black or white on high quality t-shirts Prices vary and discounts are in place if you order more than 5 shirts. Contact me for a list of current images in print and which images are on file.

Colour Photo-Copies

Colour photocopies of the original images of my art work are reasonably priced and available by contacting me via email, by viewing images from the different galleries on this website and / or by mailing in the order form. The images are reproduced into the finest quality colour photocopies, and are printed on the highest quality 35-50 lbs. card stock. They can be combined with a Native language calendar for an esthetic and functional tool for office or home; they are a great a gift idea.

Books Of Poetry

"Birds Of Pray" 2002

This self published chat book is a compilation of over 40 poems and prose. These literary works span over 15 years of writing and struggling. Being a dyslexic, writing has been a chore, and the production of this book was both a challenge to overcome and a victory in building my writing skills. I held nothing back and let the passion flow. Enjoy.

“This Ain’t Your Patriarch’s Poetry” 2003

This U.N.B.C. published book is to honour women. Eight women and 4 men contribute to this compilation with the men referred to as “comrades” to the women. I am honoured to have 12 of my works included in this publication.



Many of my drawings are reproduced into functional gift or unique tool as postcards with various arrangements. The images are printed on highest quality 35-50 lbs. card stock. Colour postcards are also available at a slightly higher price. These postcards are reasonably priced and available by contacting me via email, viewing images from the "Drawings" gallery on the website and / or mailing in the order form.

Cultural Learning Tools

Ojibway Language Calendar:

My Calendars vary in presentations with some being a single page with a drawing and others a colour copy of one of my original art pieces, customer’s choice, accompanies each calendar. The text of the calendar is Anishinaabemowin, the word for the 'Ojibway language'. This ancient Native American language is over 30,000 year old. In the language and cultural tradition of the Anishinaabe, there are 13 names, one for each full moon cycle, in one lunar year of the 12 month Gregorian calendar year. This calendar honours my mother's Native Language and the traditions of my Anishnaabek ancestors. Each moon/month is named with either the first or thirteenth moon being Gchi-Mnidoo Giizis / Great Spirit Moon. The days of the week are also listed with Sunday / Name Giishigad which means 'Prayer Day'. The rest of the days are refered to as the number of days after 'Prayer Day'. The words and names used here are only a sample of the many dialects, which vary from region to region.

Ojibway Language Colouring Book:

This Native language tool is based on years of personal and academic research into Native learning styles. The philosophy and layout of the book aims to reflect a learning style that engages the learner to call on what they know through basic symbol recognition. As well, the book invites the learners to interact / contribute to the tool with space for each to draw / colour their own images. In essence, this higher level of involvement makes the learning fun. I hope that the learners will live their experience long into the future.





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- “This Ain’t Your Patriarch’s Poetry” 2003

- "Birds Of Pray" 2002

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