Passionate Problem Solver

Creative solutions to conflicts between human resources and management
Promotional advice and public relations strategies
Individual and group rates
Educational / Learning strategies

Interpersonal Development Activities.
Problem solving workshops and exercises

"Creative Self-Rediscovery" workshops


Cross-Cultural Consultant : Bi-cultural translator

Cultural Diversity dialogue sessions, Cross-cultural learning / awareness workshops.

Provides in-depth knowledge and experiences to maximize the diverse efforts between culture / social groups / parties.

Individual and group rates.


Energetic Educator

High-energy educator.

Practices student centered learning

Calls upon a diversity of expertise and experiences in a wide range of disciplines

Continually researches learning styles, as well as motivational and
learning strategies.

Lectures and workshops for educators and individuals.


Motivational Speaker

Exercises superior intuitive skills to read individuals and groups in presentation and lectures. By doing this I am able to define individual and or group needs, redirect energy, and to empower clients with a wide range of self-esteem tools.

Continually studies motivational trends, interests and common needs of society and the individual.

Host lectures and workshops for educators and leaders of groups and organizations.


Versatile Visual Artist / Performing Artist

Produces high quality innovative original works and performances with various themes incorporating birds as a common subject matter.

Many internationally recognized award-winning pieces are developed from the use of post-consumer products, such as discarded car parts and televisions, cardboard and other 'junk'.

An adventurous artist unafraid to explore new materials and media, combining materials of our throw -away society for the purpose of social awareness. His palette is unlimited, his materials ... your garbage.




M Y   S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S

n Passionate Problem Solver

n Cross-Cultural Consultant

n Energetic Educator

n Motivational Speaker

n Visual Artist / Performing Artist