My Sheltering Spirit

My Sheltering Spirit, I've found you at last. 
You were all ways there throughout my past. 
As a child riding in my father's car 
I'd imagine, I could fly. 
I'd weave, swoop and glide 
and now I know, why. 
You were my wings so light 
and helped my imagination take flight. 
Another time, caught 
in a Thunder Storm alone,
I cried out to no one, 
I was scared but walked on home. 
It was you I see now, 
calling to me in the Thunder. 
You gave me courage to go on, 
I no longer aimlessly wander.There were times you sheltered me 
from the rain, 
other times you stood back 
and let me feel the pain. 
You knew when I was ready and you knew Why. 
Only now I see who taught me to ....Fly.




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